In the event that the students lack the complete previous training required by the programme, the admission may be conditioned to the completion of specific additional training courses.

If so, the programmes, through their memory, shall determine the additional training courses for each student, which must be specified by the Academic Committee of the PhD programme without exceeding 15 ECTS. The completion of these additional courses will be prior or simultaneous to the enrolment for academic supervision of doctoral thesis. If its prior to the enrolment, they will only enrol in these additional courses and the supervision commitment will not be signed nor will the “Document of activities” of the PhD student be opened, until their completion.

The additional training courses must be completed within three consecutive “four month term”, otherwise, they will be removed from the programme.

Those specific additional training courses may consist of subjects or modules from master or EHEA degrees and they shall be considered as doctoral level training, for the purpose of public fees, award of grants and financial aids for study. In the case of being carried out prior to the enrolment, its development will not compute for the purposes of the established deadline for the completion of the thesis. These credits will not compute for the purposes of the ordinary requirements of entry to the PhD Programme.